Monday, 10 October 2011


These stunning oil on linen 10 cm x 10 cm miniatures are painted by a very talented artist friend of mine. Rebecca Foster is a multi-talented artist who just exudes creativity. She is currently is working as an art director on a well known British soap opera. Rebecca finds time to paint, make collages, take photos, write a blog, post on facebook and do her day job. I don't how she fits it all in. You can see more of Rebecca's wonderful eclectic work at


I love listening to the shipping forecast on the radio. I find it deeply comforting and it reminds me of a wonderful holiday I once had on the tiny Scottish Island of Tiree. A beautiful wild place but battered by rain and winds even in August! The shipping forecast was listened to avidly whilst lighting an open fire to keep warm! I think James Brown's print is really stunning and has such a nostalgic feel.


Melanie Miller works from a small wooden studio on Eel Pie Island in Twickenham near where I live. This island was famous in the 1960's a major jazz and blues venue. Miller's shed is in a boatyard at the end of the island. She feels that this location has influenced her work a great deal. Natural objects that are around Miller's studio often appear in her hauntingly beautiful paintings. She finds beauty in simple found objects or insects particularly moths which she finds more interesting than butterflies. Miller paints in oil on gesso panels which she prepares herself.

Sunday, 9 October 2011


During my visit to Totnes I visited the wonderful Whitespace Gallery. This little gallery has an exquisite selection of art and this weekend it did not disappoint. I was utterly blown away by the art of David Brayne. His works have a dreamy, calm and spiritual quality. His surfaces are chalky, dry and reminiscent of early Renaissance frescoes. Land and sea appear to blend together with no hard edges. I will be saving hard to afford one of his pieces!


This weekend Stanley and I went to visit friends in Totnes. It a pretty town with shops full of beautiful things. I was lucky enough to discover Emma Vowles new emporium in the high street -Emma Vowles flowers and beautiful things. The shop is like a work of art in itself, full of wonderful shapes, colours and textures.