Tuesday, 8 November 2011


My favourite drink is tea. I can't start the day without it. No coffee for me ever! I recently visited the heavenly Miller Harris tea room in Bruton street in London. The shop is filled with rare perfumes and scented candles. At the back of the emporium is a little tea room. I sampled Tea Petales which is refreshingly clean with hints of rose and geranium. I always think the tea drinking experience is so affected by the kind of cup you are drinking from and Miller Harris did not disappoint. The black and turquoise china was stunning and I had to find out where it was from. It turns out it is made by Branksome. Branksome China was founded in 1945 by Ernest Baggaley a gifted potter who learnt his craft in Stoke-On-Trent, my home town and the heart of the English ceramics industry. Ernest developed a special recipe to create a unique a unique porcelain, fine and light yet strong and durable. The recipe remains unchanged to this day.


I am not too busy at the moment so I am taking advantage to have a creative time. I have enjoyed searching the second hand shops of Teddington for new outfits, I am starting new knitting projects and I am loving using my new computer. Print maker Ellen Heck created these wonderful images which sum up how I am spending my time.

Monday, 7 November 2011


Last week I took a trip into the heart of the city to visit the chandelier exhibition of Madeleine Boulesteix in Clerkenwell. I have to confess I got a little lost on my way and took a moment of contemplation in a church. As I pushed open the doors I was greeted by air filled with incense and the sight of a beautiful interior. I had stumbled across St Peter's Italian Church.In the early 19th century this area of London was a poor neighbourhood of densely populated slum-ridden alleys. By 1850 nearly 2000 Italian immigrants had settled here. They were mainly employed as street muscians, street vendors or as artisans producing plaster figures, looking glasses and picture frames. They had no church of their own but in 1845 St Vincent Pallotti a Roman Catholic priest thought of building a church in London for Italian immigrants. In 1863 the Church of St. Peter was consecrated. It seems entirely appropriate that I found modern day artisan Madeleine selling stunning chandeliers just around the corner from the church. I have long admired her work and as it was my birthday I celebrated by buying a wonderful duet with a vintage toast rack in the centre. It was great to finally meet Madeleine who was delightful. As I left excited with my purchase the heavens opened. I sought shelter in the Modern Pantry and had afternoon tea which was wonderful. Pouring tea from an antique sliver teapot was a perfect way to end the day!http://www.themodernpantry.co.uk/