Sunday, 24 June 2012


This weekend I had a wonderful time visiting artists who were taking part in the open art house event in Shepherds Bush in West London.  I made an exciting discovery because just a few streets from where I work every day Kate Fishenden and Jonathan Mercer are creating beautiful things from their tiny studio. The exquisite art works are created using wood cutting, a technique which requires enormous skill, patience and creativity. We were given a tour of Jonathan's shed, shown the wood blocks which are pieces of art in their own right and given a demonstration of the magnificent Albion press. Kate was so welcoming and she has a wonderful blog at  I am now a proud owner of a few lovely things from the Starch Green studio including jam labels, a wonderful print, a mug and a jug! Kate says that  "We only make or sell things that we love and feel would make our home  (and hopefully yours) a more lovely place" . My home is certainly more lovely with these things in it.


  1. Oh yes lovely stuff and I love that little dog on the saucer. Hope all's well with you!

  2. Hi Madeleine all is good with me thanks. It is a very small world you recently created a great piece of art my son's school. Sadly he didn't get to work with you. Sarahx