Saturday, 19 September 2009


I often go to car boot sales or antique markets and buy random items old photographs, forks and jewellery. I find the old photograph albums particularly poignant and I feel so sad that these precious records, of lives lived to the full, end up discarded for sale for a few pence. I collect these things but I am afraid to admit they languish in boxes waiting for me to find a new life for them. Someone who brings to life such things is the artist Teresa Clark. In these delicate and breathtakingly beautiful collections Teresa has combined and rescued all sorts of unusal objects. Teresa says she is a " gleaner. A collector. An avid observer of the overlooked and the darkly feminine." She collects ephemera,images and misplaced trinkets. She waits and listens and then assembles them " according to some hidden internal narrative. Like bones thrown together from seemingly unrelated beasts, they hint at past histories and forge new dynamics, connections and narrative associations." Teresa will be attending Origin The London Craft Fair in the first week 6th - 11th October at stand H6 Teresa's photographs are also stunning I can't wait to visit to Teresa at the Craft fair in a few weeks time.

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  1. I collect old photographs too (we are indeed peas in a pod!) and have the same feelings about them. They're stored in a box at home in Virginia. I really want to do something with them but still haven't figured out quite the right thing...

    And so interesting about Teresa Clark. I keep meaning to attend the Craft Fair and somehow manage to miss it every year...

    K x