Tuesday, 6 November 2012


I had a real birthday treat last week when I met one of my artistic heroes, the delightful Mark Hearld. I was attending the launch for his stunning new book 'Workbook' .  The book is a wonderful scrapbook full of visual inspiration. Mark has had a long fascination for the flora and fauna of the British countryside whether it be a jay perched on an oak branch, hares out in the fields or a mute swan standing at the frozen water’s edge they are all beautifully represented in his bold work.  He is heavily influenced by Picasso and British artists of the 30's and 40's particularly Edward Bawden, Eric Ravillious and John Piper. Like these artists he chooses to work in a range of media including paint, print, collage, textiles and ceramics.  In 'Workbook' his works are grouped into nature related themes each introduced by Hearld, who narrates the story behind some of his creations and discusses his influences.  It really was a pleasure to meet Mark and I hope to visit his open studio in York next year. In the mean time I am inspired to create my own autumnal

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  1. I'm so envious you met Mark Hearld! Really looking forward to seeing his new book. And am very much enjoying your photo collages.

    K x