Friday, 9 November 2012


I cannot function without a lovely cup of freshly brew tea first thing in the morning. My grandmother taught me how to always warm the pot and had a caddy full of fresh leaf tea bought at the Co-op. Tea and tea drinking seems woven throughout my life. My other grandmother served tea on a special trolley from a stainless steel pot and always used bags not loose leaf! China Cups were obligatory in all the households and my love of drinking tea from a delicate vintage cup remains to this day.  My grandfather would refer to a 'good sergeant Major's brew' when it was particularly strong.  Teapots come in all shapes and sizes and I recently spotted these wonderful creations at Made Crafts fair in Marylebone.  The delightful Ita Drew is a multi-talented artist working in many mediums but her ceramic work really caught my eye.   Ita takes inspiration from the poems of William Blake and says she wants her pieces to appear fantastical and childlike with undertones of adult reflection. I think she has certainly succeeded in this! I am not sure I would put boiling water inside these pieces of art they are far too precious.

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